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Posted by Ris (ris3300) on September 12, 2006 at 10:19:46
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Ok here's my post for Toveurox, Diva Cat, and Texas Tumbleweed breeds ~~~~

Toveurox, Diva Cats and Texas Tumbleweeds have the same basic triats in common. So 8/10 in similar traits.
Body type: semi-cobby
Body size: medium
Head shape: round
Ears: big, straight
Nose: medium length
Eyes: round
Coat: Any
Tail: normal/ Texas Tumbleweed and Toveutox Tailless or bobtail
Legs: Any/ both Diva Cat and Toveurox / TTs must be munchkins
Colors: All colors and patterns accepted.

I'll list my studs and when the new kittens are born any I'd be willing to part with.

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