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Welcome to the 1st LotR Double Elimination Tournament!

We've just started it up, and we're good to go. Here's the information that you need on it...
  1. Unlike real life tournaments, you may alter your deck between rounds. This will keep things interesting and allow for point number 2...
  2. For the first round of play, only Fellowship of the Ring cards will be allowed. We will probably announce alterations to this before upcoming rounds. If you would like to find out more about this, please see the post on the BBS (Official Policy: Card Legality).
  3. Each round will be 2 weeks long, at the maximum. The sooner you get your game done, the faster you can move on to the next round. Because of how the bracket format works, once you're done your 1st round, you might already know who you're playing for your second round. If you do, feel free to go ahead and get your game ready against them. But keep in mind rule number 2, even if you start your next round before a release date, if the round isn't officially to start before that date then the cards are STILL legal. So if you want to wait until you have any, you just can't start your next one right away.
  4. If a player "has to leave" or something of that nature, it will count as a forfeit in favour of the other player. If both players agree to continue the game at another time, however, then this is a perfectly acceptable (and kind of nice) solution.
  5. If there is a computer crash, kedanya crash, etc., then please give your opponent 15 minutes to get back online. If you opponent does not get back online in 15 minutes, then a forfeit/rearranged time will be applied as appropriate.
  6. Both players should report the result of their games to the following two email addresses: aragorn@kedanya.org and maelwys@kedanya.org
  7. If you have problems (rules, gameplay, otherwise), the following people are the official judges of the tournament.
    • Sarumael (Maelwys)
    • Aragorn (Mike, The Lidless Eye)
    • Legolas Greenleaf (Dogbert)
    • Gollum (the Green Knight)
    If a problem arises, first check to see if one of these people is online at kedanya or AIM, etc. Their decisions will be binding (we will do our very best to make accurate rulings). If none of the judges are available, you can ask for an opinion from someone else online, but ONLY if both people agree to this. If a problem arises and an official judge cannot be found and one or both of the players does not agree to having a neutral party from the lounge resolve it, then you should email the issue to the following address and one of the judges will get back to you as soon as he gets it. The email is: kedanya_lotr@yahoogroups.com.
  8. Have fun. This is a casual tournament, so enjoy it!

Tournament Pairings