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Current Season: 2 - open for signup: 1 to 4 of 16.
Important - signup limits!

You may sign up for up to two games at once until you have proven to be a reliable player by playing for two months without missing to send moves more than twice. After that, you may have four games at once unless you become a judge.

You may become a judge after qualifying through the two-month period. You may either provide the board and rules or have the site management create them for you. Anyone who is judging may use the "All Games" option to play all the games available in the season he is judging for.

If you already qualified in a previous season, you are of course eligible to play four games / submit a judge request immediately.
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A game will start when there are at least 8 signups, with the exception of games marked otherwise. Please be patient if you do not get an immediate reply!

Judge: Wes
Still the same old idea: Who needs options when the board is just challenging enough and there's more than enough bots to mess up your plans! Don't think it's easier than GP3 anyway!
Minimum participation: 15!
Level 3
Judge: Wes 
Standard fastboard race with no pits whatsoever. Just don't think this would make it any easier ;-).
Singularity Level 4
Judge: Lwaxy
Flag race for those who can keep a clear head. Radioactive lasers, yay! Options, too... have a look. 
Variety Level 5
Judge: Lwaxy
Standard flag race with (lots of) options and an extended movement card set. Minimum participation: 12!

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